24 May, 2009

Yesterday I managed to spend outside, mowed the lawn as soon as I heard one of the other neighbors fire up a lawn mower. Didn't want to be the first to break the silence of a Saturday morning. Finished by 11ish (only had the back yard to do thanks to my neighbor, he mowed my front yard on Thursday) and spent the next several hours parked in a lawn chair knitting.

Almost back to virgin yarn after the sleeve rippage. Much nicer with the additional stitches picked up. Decided to go with a K3P1 ribbing down the sleeves, which is what the base pattern is on the sweater itself. The directions for the sleeve call for a K2P1, but we all know that didn't work out well, tho to be truthful, it might have worked with more stitches to start with. Will have to pull out the directions soon, see what the sleeve decreases are and then go stand in front of the mirror and decide if I do the decreases as specified, or modify them somewhat. Am I even capable of following directions as written? hmmm.

Hubby comes home sooner than he had originally planned. So by mid June he should be back instead of at the end of June. Works for me! I don't mind doing the yard work so much, but it does cut into knitting time.

Spent the morning on the computer looking at photos and such. Need to drag the spinning wheel out of the corner sometime to day and practice. Need to fire up the other computer and print out some stuff. Need to go shopping sometime this morning. Store I need to go to should be open in an hour so better get out of my jammies and take a shower. Need to try on the hat for Jessica and decide if it will fit a nine year old, or do I need to rip and restart.

Need to walk away from the computer now.

Happy Knitting!

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