16 May, 2009

Yarn Crawl 09

It was a fun trip this year. I went with friends, and we split it up into 2 days so there wasn't such a rush as last year when I went at it alone. I drove on Friday along with one other lady, but today we were all able to fit in one vehicle. We had some who weren't able to do both days. Yesterday I had a bit of "excitement" after dropping every one back to their vehicles, we decided to do Fiber's etc. & Lamb's Ear as well, and follow each other there in our own cars, then each heading for our homes afterwards. We all found parking on the street above Fibers, which was nice since there is construction in that area. When we came out, my Left rear tire was flat. :::grrrr:::: Hubby had just had that tire fixed on Tuesday, as he had punctured it on his way home from friends. Anyhow, out with the spare and got it changed. Did have a bit of help from a fellow passing. He was wearing a suit... but didn't want to "not help", lol, so I went ahead and let him. The tire could have gone out in Paulsbo or elsewhere on our trip which would have been so not fun. So for all the frustration it was at the best spot possible really. Only had to remember to drive slowly home and not hit any potholes and such. Yes, I did stop at Lamb's Ear after putting on the spare ... it was on my way home anyway. :-)

Hubby has the camera.... so no photos of purchases. There weren't many anyway. Just a bit of lace weight, in Cranberry... I am not a red person but this called my name in a bad way. also 3 balls of sock yarn 2 in earth and grey tones and one in a green and yellow. (have to look in the stash and see if I have bought duplicates of stuff I already have, that has happened before) Cookie A's new book. Oh, and 4 ounces of spinning fiber. The colors in the roving aren't what I would normally choose, they have a strong teal cast, but when spun on the fold... the resulting yarn looks darker. I wouldn't have thunk it but the lady I purchased from showed me what she had done with it spun straight off the roving then off the fold. The color change was dramatic.

Happy Knitting!


Rachael said...

oooh, the fiber sounds yummy...can't wait to see it both in roving and spun up.

L J said...

Sure thing... the long draw method was shown/taught at the spinning guild last meeting. I need to practice it. :-) Got 4 ounces so that I would actually have enough to yarn to actually use if it turns out ok.