17 May, 2009


No... Not on the shawl.

I did finish a few more repeats of the lace edging tho, so I now have a few less than a hundred repeats to go. :-) No, I came inside around 3:30 and switched to easier knitting so that I could watch a movie. And the rippage wasn't due to watching the movie either. Knitting K2, P1 ribbing down the sleeve of my Braids Cardigan was easy peasy all during the movie. Pattern was already established, and there were no increases or decreases to worry about, just chugging around in a circle.

Then I took a break and tried on my sweater to see how long the sleeve was and how much farther I would be knitting. I was about 1/2 way down the sleeve as the live stitches were just above my elbow. Unfortunately, the sleeve was "quite snug" ... over a bare arm ... as I am wearing a tank top today. Snug enough that my fingers would have gone numb in short order had I not removed the cardi. This does not bode well for a cardigan when I will most likely not be wearing it during the summer and over summer weight clothing for only five minutes at a time, but over a regular shirt or even :::gasp::: a long sleeved shirt during the fall and winter and early spring.

I was yankng the needles out as soon as I had it off my arm. Only a few live stitches to worry about, just the ones under arm this time instead of the 80 when I ripped back the button/neck band. :::::RIP::::: They are now all safely picked up and resting on a dpn. Going to give it a day (at least) in time out, then pick up MORE stitches around the arm hole and then will most likely say screw the pattern (K2,P1 ribbing) and just do a stockinette sleeve. I don't like snug sleeves and ribbing does what ribbing does, and THAT is pull in.

Rip it, rip it... it has been a froggy sort of night!
Pass the scotch!
Night night!


Rachael said...

Yikes! But I can't wait to see it done, it looked sooo comforting to wear when you had it at knit night.

L J said...

Not so bad really. And I would much rather rip Before I have bound off. :-)