20 May, 2009

However....I may be lucky...

I stopped into my local Sheriff's department just a few minutes ago to discuss what I should do about this little situation, and they suggested that I call the RCMP (that's the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to double check all the information. As soon as I got home however, I received a call back from the ICBC and went over Lic plate#'s, where the accident occured etc.

There was a transposition... in the letters and I just may end up lucking out here people. If the letters are as correct on the RCMP paperwork they are transposed and they are someone's plates from Bellingham and NOT mine. (My local sheriff ran the number/letter combo with and without the transposition.) So... I call the number for the RCMP for the city in which the accident occured and give them my name and the police file number and all the pertinent info and they are double checking to see. They will be calling me back soon.

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! The RCMP fellow called me back while I was typing that last sentence! I am sorry for the people in Bellingham who owned the car with the plates... but they aren't mine. Gotta call my husband!

KNIT HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!


Rachael said...

Yay! Thank goodness!!!! Now go put those plates on your car (when you find them).

L J said...

When I find them. yeah. hmmm. where else to look is the question. I'm thinking since hubby stashed them he can find them when he gets home in 6 weeks. I've looked in all the obvious places and some less obvious. Need to get the head gasket replaced... lol Hope to see you Friday.