22 May, 2009

Long Day

Dislike the days right before and after any holiday. They make for very, very, long, hard and hot work days.

Going out to a friends house for supper tonight, so I will miss my usual knit night. It wasn't an invite I was willing to pass up. She is an awesome chef.

The sleeve stitches have been picked up. Thanks Megan! ... She picked them up for me the other night, she knew I was frustrated with it, and she enjoys picking up stitches. huh.... who'd of thunk it? Well, everyone is different right :-) ; and even I don't hate it as much as I used to so maybe one of these days I may even learn to enjoy that process too. Who knows?

I may even knit some this evening if possible. My arms and hands hurt so bad I right now I can barely type.

Must. Go. Need. Hot. Shower.

Knit Happy~

1 comment:

Rachael said...

applause...the sweater is almost there! we'll miss you tonight.