27 August, 2008

Missing file

I will have to call HP in the next day or so. The file that I need to update is listed on their downloads page, but that particular file is not there when you actually try to download. Grrr. Hopefully it will all work out in the end. I have all my files that I don't want to lose backed up. Mostly photos. 10 gigabytes of photos. I didn't know that I had that many.

Long weekend coming up. Camping out at Ocean Shores for the holiday. Yea! Knitting will happen!

21 August, 2008

Home Again..but still wireless

I thought that I may have had my internet issues taken care of when we were in Idaho on the way home. Unfortunately that "fix" only lasted a short while. I am currently on line (internet) with a tech support fellow. Have been on with him and one other person for about 2 1/2 hours so far this evening. I am currently on ignore I believe.

ARRGH . He just got back to me, wants me to do a system restore from the recovery disks. I don't want to! Have to back up all the photos and a few other things before that can be done. I think I might also talk with some one else before doing all the recovery bit. I will definately do the backing up tho.

Knitting... yes it has happened. I am about 1/3 of the way through a baby blanket. Almost finished with the baby Mexacali Ole sweater Opal "tiger" in the 18 month size (I think it is that size anyhow) and picked up one of my languishing projects... my bamboo tank/shell. It is only August, and winter is just around the corner and this tank still isn't done. I started it awhile back, I think that this is its second summer in the construction phase. Luckily I will be going to Hawaii in December so maybe it will be worn this year. At least there will be a chance for that to happen. I had put it down due to my inablilty to count correctly and needed to tink back through one armhole bind off so that I could get the correct stitch count for the front. I was 13 stitches off. Couldn't figure out why I had 26 stitches left before I reached the marker. Cause I counted twice, and got the number I was counting. But I was counting 70 for the smaller size and not 83 for my size. Tink, Tink, Tink, pass the scotch. That is corrected now and the back neck and shoulder shaping is correct. I have the front neck ready to bind off stitches for the neck shaping so all in all just a wee bit to go. Will have to pick up stitches around the arm holes and the neck band and do a round or two. Remind me to read the "Constructions" as my hubby would say. I am going to kitchner the shoulder fronts and backs instead of doing a three needle bind off as the pattern suggests tho.
Take care all... and Happy Knitting.

11 August, 2008

Wireless Woes

I know that it is because I am going on vacation, and wishing to take the lap top with me that it has decided that now would be an excellent time for the wireless to have a glitch. I had to bring it out to the main computer and plug in the DSL cable to get on the internet. Going to see if I can update the drivers... as checking for new updates didn't do the trick.

Knitting is packed, the trailer is packed but I still have to clean house and pack my clothes. Also have to give our pet sitter the "tour" and the mail box key.

If I can't get this wireless thingy fixed before tonight then there won't be any postings from me until the end of next week. Take care everyone and Happy Knitting!

07 August, 2008


Today was my last day at work until the 25th. Hooray! Hours have been long and hard since the begining of June and I feel a bit burned out. Four days to rest and get my yarn ready for travel. Tuesday we will be leaving for Colorado. Taking the fifth-wheel, so turtle like, we will have our home away from home with us. Hubby's niece is getting married the weekend of the 15th. More about this later. Taking the laptop with me so may, if we encounter service, post while gone.

Enjoy what's left of summer!

03 August, 2008

I just signed up...

...For the Mystery stole 4 this morning. I missed last year's sign up because I delayed checking out the various links I saw while reading different posts until after signups closed. If you are interested, sign up closes on 12 Sept 2008. Should be fun. New skill to learn. I have used beads with cross stich projects but never with knititng. I have a drawer full of lace weight, with 3 different colors that aren't already "spoken for" and are also in an amount that should work reguardless of my gauge. The supply list calls for 1100 yards w/notes elsewhere in the "help section" saying the orginal was knit with ~200 yards less... the extra being added for "insurance".

I have decided to go with the Jagger Spun Zephyr Wool-Silk in a 50/50 Merino Tussah Silk blend. 4 oz and 1250 yards. The color is Mushroom. So a nice easy off white. Now for beads... I am undecided as to whether I want something that is of a high contrast, or something that will definately show, but not be shouting "Look here at me... I'm shiny"! Hmmm... having just writen that I think I will go for the more subtle "Beads? Yes there are beads. See just there."

I think that my yarn and I have a shopping expedition ahead of us. I think I need to have my yarn with me to help make the decision easier. I know that there are some bead shops in the area, have to check them out. Now the question will be if I can get out of the store with ONLY the beads needed for the stole and nothing more. Ha! I think my chances are probably small.

02 August, 2008

Finished Object

The Shibui Cardigan is finished. Ends woven in and button attached. Still needs to be washed and blocked. That is a project for next friday as I am taking the day off from work. Will be getting all the baby gear ready for the shower.
Button close up as you can't see the detail in the larget photo. The colors are darker in this shot, (indoors w/flash)

I used Koigu 5 skeins with approximately 94 grams or 3 3/4 oz left over. Plenty for a hat and some socks for the kiddo.
Thinking of making a helix hat and will be checking out some sock patterns sent by a friend last week for making up some matching socks. Several pair probably looking at the left over sock yarn.
I will be visiting my LYS soon and hoping that she still has some of the yellow Koigu in stock. I made the mistake of telling my husband that the yellow was originally planned for HIS socks and instead I made a sweater for our grandbaby due in Dec. "Those were my socks?" with a pitiful look on his face. Like he Never, Ever, Gets Socks. Ha! I know he was just teasing me... and because he was teasing... he Will Get Socks. Yellow ones. Made from Koigu.