20 May, 2009

Not a scam....

...Though that might be preferable at this point.

I looked online for the ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) called their toll free phone number on the web page, and confirmed that the phone number that I was given, and the person I spoke with last night was a member of their corporation and that it was indeed a valid number. Just can't be too cautious about some things, and I do feel better now that I have checked.

I am still waiting on a call back from her however, and I am still looking for the plates here... even tho.. (One can always hope right?) I also called my insurance lady and told her the details so that if a claim did come through she would have a heads up. I still need to go to the DOL and the sheriff's department, and let them know about the disapearance; and since it is a knitting guild night I had better get moving.

There will be something knit (is that the right tense?) tonight. (knit, knitted, knat, ...) help me out here people my brain is fuzzy, not much sleep was had last night.

Thankfully I have a simple knit to work on this evening. Hat kit from Fancy Image Yarns I purchased this during the yarn crawl. I don't usually purchase kits for hats... but this seemed perfect for my little friend Jessica that has just finished her six weeks of radiation. She's just now starting to lose her hair. I can only try to imagine how hard that would be for an adult, but she is only 9 and I can only think that it would be so much harder at that age. Any how, it is in girly colors, and has some fun fur and a cute button, friends of mine who have daughters all say it will be a "winner". Can't trust my own judgement in this... I was a die hard tomboy and wouldn't have been caught dead in it.... well maybe for a double dog dare if the stakes were high enough. :-)

No photos. The camera is with the hubby. Knit Happy!

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