28 February, 2009


I need some one to come to my house and help me organize and pitch out clutter. Not knitting related stuff... but paper crap and misc. junk. I have way too much paper clutter. I am totally unorganized as well it seems. Rocks that I have picked up off the beach and on different trips scattered in baskets. Do I really need all this? I need some one ruthless to stand over me and say to pitch it.

Trying to clean and organize as my youngest and his family are going to be in WA for a couple of weeks. They won't be staying here, we don't have room for all of them at this point (would perhaps have space if it were more organized) but they will be over visiting for several hours at a time.

Bonfire? perhaps that is the answer. Just burn it all. ARGH! Three more days.... At least the bathroom is clean.


20 February, 2009

Change of Plans

No Knit Night for me tonight... and I forgot it was Thursday last night by the time I should have left, and didn't remember that it was Thursday till knitting was nearly over. (having a day off in the middle of the week sure messes up my mind) But for tonight, my Sweetie's flight arrived in country around 12:30 am and he is now just a few hours from Olympia where I am to pick him up.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

19 February, 2009

A bit of this and that

This is Spicy. She has taken to sleeping on, or next to, any knitting project left unattended. Here she is keeping company with one of my husband's Felted Slippers... still not felted. waiting for him to return before I shrink them.

The tower of strange stuff. I purchased this at Madrona Fiber Festival along with a small spindle. This is destined to be spun on the wheel.

Ah the first bit. Looks like something you might find in the dryer lint catcher. Albiet with a bit more cohesiveness.

Not so bad spun up however. I am finding the odd bits that are in this quite interesting. Every section is different and the little bits behave differently when drafting out. This section they behaved quite nicely. The third section however was a bit more of a royal pain. I didn't take photos of that section. I am going to spin it all up and then ply it back upon itself. I get the feeling that a Navajo 3 ply won't look the best with the diverse colors that are in the tube. The changes between colors will be too extreeme

Look... in the front flower garden! Spring is comming at last!

All of my knitting projects don't seem to be making much progress even tho I am knitting and knitting away upon them. The pi shawl still has aprox 2o rows before the border... so endless rows of stocking stitch. The socks are still in the cuff stage. K3 P1 rib, a charity hat in a K2 P1 rib cuff. Um... yeah... nothing there photo worthy at the moment
Oh... I will be at Knitting tonight and possibly tomorrow night. My honey didn't get on his flight that was due at Sea Tac this morning so didn't get home today as planned. Hopefully will be on the flight tomorrow, but that one lands in California and if he makes that one, he will be driving north from the Sacramento area with another fellow that lives in Olympia, and I will drive down to pick him up there.
Happy Knitting!