24 June, 2009

For those of you with Little Girls....

Go check out this site... http://www.itzybitzybellabows.com/

The items for sale... and the model... are beautiful. There are a lot of photos so her site does load a bit slow... or maybe that's just my computer.

Check it out! Oh... if you are local to her, she will work to get your stuff to you directly so ... no shipping... Contact her before ordering if you are local to her. Oh? Where is she located?(She's in the Puyallup, WA area)

Now... all I need is a grand-daughter! hmm....

Knit Happy!

23 June, 2009

Washed and Blocking

Well... the Pi Shawl is blocking. I love the way it looks laying on my bedroom floor with 144 pins stuck in the edging. That only took an hour and a half or so. Don't know if I did it correctly or not. Started placing pins at the 12, 3, 6, & 9 positions, then went between each of those, then between each of those, then went between each of those, etc and etc and etc until the bloody points were all pinned. Then went around the outer rim twice pulling them just a wee bit more, and probably could do that again except that my knees said "Hell NO". It was very hard to stand back up.

Photos MAY be forthcomming, and then again maybe not. It seems I did indeed knit a bulls-eye to cover my ass. I saw the bulls-eye forming as it was knit. I knew this... it should not have surprised me in the mirror. When or if I get the urge to do this again it will be in a SOLID yarn. This shawl will ALWAYS be folded in half while in use... at least when I am wearing it.

Speaking of the camera... it should be here in a few days give or take. Currently my camera is in Singapore and by later this evening may even be in Yokota, Japan. Don't know yet if the camera will fly into Seattle or make a detour through Hawaii as it is being escorted by the husband and he is not sure of which route he will take to get home. Hawaii will take longer to get him home, but there is a bonus of seeing the grandbabies. (I know which route I would take if it became an option) :-)

20 June, 2009

Stiff Neck

Woke with a horrid stiff neck this morning, it has been bugging me off and on (mostly on) for a few weeks now, but really bad when I woke today. Have been able to look over my left shoulder barely in the last few weeks since it started acting up, but not today at all. Have to turn in the seat to merge into traffic, can't just look over my shoulder. :-( Spent the day in the recliner with my hot tea and my knitting. That probably wasn't the best place for me to be, but warmth and comfort were what I needed most of all and that is one of my favorite knitting places. So wrapped up in wool and knitting on wool soothed the nerves if not the muscles in my neck.

Progress was perhaps slower than normal, but the second sleeve stitches were picked up on the Braids cardi and then I worked on the Pi shawl, and now have only 24 more pattern repeats to go. I will be working on it again this evening until bed time. Needed to eat and make more tea before sitting back down. Oh, Fishy says he wants his supper too. Can't forget him!

Knit Happy!

15 June, 2009

Catching up

Well, the weekend went by far too quickly. Spent Knit in Public Day, or rather the morning, knitting at Wright Park in Tacoma. First time I had been there, seems like it is a nice little park. Might want to go again and walk around it a bit more. The morning started out a bit cool, but once the clouds burned off it was nice. Left there about 1:30 to head back home. Glad that I did. Didn't put quite enough liquid in my lentil soup and I got home just in time. Yummy for lunch and supper!

Finished the first sleeve of the Braids Cardi while knitting in the park. Still have to pickup stitches for the second sleeve. Worked a bit on the Lucy bag Saturday afternoon as well as yesterday. Still too many rows to go. Down to 40 repeats on the pi shawl. Soon, soon, soon.

Going to try out a different dish tomorrow and if it turns out I will let you know. Well, bath and bed are calling my name.

Knit Happy!

07 June, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

Only 53 repeats remaining on the Pi shawl border. That's about 4.5-5 hours of knitting as each repeat takes ~5 mins. I can see the light at the end of this tunnel. Have been picking it up first each time I have the chance to knit and doing at least a few repeats before setting it down to work on something else. This approach seems to be working better than looking at it sit on the desk and not touching it. Today was a good shawl day and 19 repeats were completed.

Almost finished with the first sleeve on the Braids Cardi. Probably another 20 - 25 rows. I know I have 12 more decrease rows yet to finish and then will need just a titch more to make it long enough. Will have to try it on frequently that last little bit so that I don' t end up with sleeves that are just a tad short or an inch too long. Then there will be the second sleeve and sewing on the buttons. Light can be seen at the end of this here tunnel too. Yea!

Started reading "The Vampire Lestat" this morning, quite good so far. Been working on the Lucy Bag while reading. Still quite a few rows to go since I am making the "tall" version. Having to turn pages makes you knit slower. Ah well... As much as I love reading, I won't give up knitting in order to read. Audio books are ok, but I still like the printed page. At times I think one of those Kindle readers would be nice... I wonder how the page feed/turn works on that? ... But still that isn't ink and paper and the smell of a new (or old) book. And for me, that is part of the love of reading. Tho the idea of a small extremely portable library in just a small hand held device certainly has it's own appeal.

Well, now for supper and then knitting before bed!

Knit Happy

04 June, 2009

Almost too Hot...

Wanting some rain to help me water the garden, and to fill up the rain barrels again. Days like today it seems we've just got too much planted. :-) Can't complain too loudly tho I guess, as it means that we will have plenty of fruit and veggies this summer. Probably have enough water in the last rain barrel to water the garden one more time. Then will have to get the hose out, unless we get rain soon. The wind picked up on my drive home from Tacoma this evening, lots of smaller limbs in the roadway, hope that it means rain and not hail. Hail would be a bad thing about now. Don't know if the garden would survive a wicked hail storm.

Still working on the first sleeve of the cardi. I think I have hit a black hole. *Knit, knit, knit... try it on. Still seems like the sleeve is the same length. * repeat from * .

Parked my car this evening in the shade outside the bank across from the Tacoma Art Place. Walked across the street, started up the sidewalk, turned my head to check on my dog (he rode with me in the car) and noticed that I had yarn hanging from my basket. Followed it with my eyes to see where it went and saw it sitting quietly beside the car door. ::::oops:::: Quickly crossed back over picked up the ball and started re-winding. :-) Haven't done that one before. I am just glad I turned to look at the dog. I could have gone a lot further before I noticed I'd dropped the yarn cake. Anyone done anything similar?

World Wide Knit in Public Day is fast approaching. (June 13th) What is everyone planning on doing? I'm going to stay local, that's for sure. I don't want to take Fisher, or I won't be able to knit unless I give him plenty of doggy downers... he will totally stress out if he is in a park like area. (Takes him a good 24 hours to settle when we go camping in the trailer.) Fisher also knows when it is the weekend, and he sort of expects to be my constant and ever present shadow (yes I know that is redundant) so I will only be out for a few hours at most.

Knit happy!

02 June, 2009

This and That

Finished up two more books. "Gone" was a good read, enjoyed it thouroughly. It has some graphic murder descriptions... just a heads up for anyone squeemish... it's a murder, kidnapping sort of tale. Also finished "Interview with a Vampire" and my eldest is supposed to be dropping the DVD by one of these days so that I can watch it.

Still plugging away at all my WIPs. Nothing any where near being finished. I really want to cast on for a few more things tho. Must resist this impulse! Too much already started that needs to be finished already.

Tried to burn down the house Saturday morning. I wiped down the stove top after breakfast dishes were done, and then showered and changed and took the dog to the store with me. Just popped over to the Safeway 2 miles from here and only needed a few items. (thankfully)! Arrived back home and noticed that there was a hot smell as soon as I opened the garage door. Immediately went to check the stove, thinking that I had left the burner on under the teapot. Nope! I must have snagged the oven dial when I was wiping down. Oven door was closed... broiler was on! I didn't use the broiler that morning. I had made omlets. Opened all the windows in the kitchen/dining area, turned on fans and left the oven door wide till it cooled off. I have yet to turn it back on to make sure that it works. So glad that it was just a quicky trip and not like a work day. Yikes! Shhh... don't tell my honey.

Thanks again to "TheMiddleDaughter" for a wonderful supper and knitty get together this evening. Every thing was wonderful ate way more than I should have, and I am going to need the details on the pizza sauce you made. I know, you told me, but I forgot them before returning home.

Knit Happy!