17 May, 2009

Oh Beautiful Day!

Just inside for a brief bit, spending the day outside in shorts and tank top knitting on a lace border for my Pi shawl. It had been in time out, not for being bad, I just needed a break from it. Decided that the edging needed to be finished so that I can block and wear it. Only 100 more pattern repeats to finish this puppy. Eight row repeats so not a whole lot of stitches in each repeat.

Using Barbara Abbey's "Knitting Lace" book and the #1 Very Narrow Lace Edging . I recently obtained a copy of her book, tho this particular edging can be found in several other sources. The pattern as written in her book and the symbols that are used are a bit unfamiliar to the modern knitter. You will most likely need to read over the symbols page :-) in order to work it out. In fact, if you get the book or borrow it from the library, go ahead and read the intro and the first 2 chapters before getting to the Lace patterns in chapter 3 it's interesting reading.

Sunshine and Lace are calling me back outside...
Happy Knitting!

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