19 May, 2009

There has been a thief...

Got a phone call today from the Insurance Company of British Coloumbia, Canada. Apparently there was an accident in British Columbia in November of 08 involving a car bearing the plates of one of our vehicles. (It was a newer model car, and not one of ours) The vehicle the plates are registered to is sitting in my drive way. Dead-lined as they say in the military. Head gasket issues for some time now. Because of the engine issues, the new plates were never put on the vehicle, the emissions wasn't done and the tabs were not renewed. The plates WERE somewhere in the house. (I say somewhere... as it was dear hubby who stashed them in the china cabinet he THINKS) I have been looking for them, in places other than the china cabinet as well, but not finding them.

Tomorrow... one more phone call to canada at least... I want the lady that called me to re-tell me the lic. plate number, vin number, and any other numbers/names that she has (I won't be giving her any of my info) . Also phone calls to my insurance company, and a stop by the local sheriff's office. I'd rather do that in person than on the phone.

Don't worry... I did not and will not give out any personal information out to anyone over the phone just in case it happens to be some sort of scam. It is very freaky knowing that some one WAS in the house and I'm wondering when... was it someone who was invited in? ARGH!!
But for the phone call... I would never have known that someone had been in my house.


Rachael said...

Oh my, that is very scary. I don't know wich is worse, a stranger, or someone you know. I hope it all gets worked out soon.

L J said...

Well, personally I would like to think that I don't know this person. But that means I would have an ass of a dog...(I could live with that)but then if you've taken the trouble to break in, and to get past an unknown dog ... why take only a set of lics. plates??? Does Not Make Sense.