27 September, 2008

The Time Suck

I have just been updating some of my Ravelry projects. I Love Ravelry for various reasons. It is however a horrid time suck. I have spent the last 3 hours uploading some photos to Flicker and entering some of the items that I have started and some even finished that had yet to make it to the Projects page. Three hours.... and I am no where near being done.

Speaking of another Time Suck I also need to get started arranging my stash again. The plan is to take photos when I go in and shake the stash up this time. ( Still have to enter a lot of yarn in the Stash portion of Ravelry) Shake it up is probably the wrong phrase to use. Skeins of yarn are being pushed off the shelves at me when ever I enter the room. The yarn on the back of the shelves are being squashed as more keeps being added to the front. I am thinking of getting some of those large ziplock bags... I think that they would be cheaper than the Vaccume seal bags. (not the kind used for freezer food storage) the kind for sweater /blanket storage. However, I did see roving packaged seal a meal style while at the Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon. So, will the hubby notice if the large roll of seal a meal stuff is gone?

Vaccumed the floors in the living room and bedroom today and took Hubby off to catch his flight. He will be gone most of October to Malaysia. Visiting his parents, his mom's birthday (87th) is the 1st of Oct. I went in late January with him for our yearly visit. I am not fond of traveling there during our winter... too much of a temperature change and way to many sick people traveling. The last 2 times we have gone during this time frame one or the other of us has gotten sick. So the next visit will be in Spring, Summer or Fall. He may get to go yet again this year after our trip to Hawaii. We will be heading there in late November or the first week in December.

I am going to try taking advantage of his not being here to get some of my "junk" cleaned up. Go through closets and drawers etc and get rid of whatever has dust on it. :-) So what am I doing in front of THIS time sucker.??

ARGH- There is always something!

Happy Knitting!

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