23 September, 2008

UFO Outing

This is Sophie... who is checking out the sweater that is taking forever. I don't reccomend knitting a 40-44 inch sweater with 2mm /US 0 needles and sock yarn unless you are a fast knitter. Which I am obviously not. That or I am extreemly bored by black sock yarn in stocking stitch. I don't want this to be a textured sweater. Just a plain and simple sweater. You can't see the body of the sweater because of Sophie dear... but it is only 3 inches in length. The arms... they are done.
A washcloth... I wanted to see how this yarn worked up. Hempathy ... like it so far. Just a wee bit splitty but not too bad. I don't know how well the blend will work as a washcloth, hemp, coton and modal. (think that was the spelling. Can't find the ball band. Will have to look that up and see exactly what Modal is. A synthetic of some sort I am sure.

A baby blanket for our little grandson due in Dec. Have made it almost through one skein of yarn in both colors... 2 more of each to go. I will probably be picking up stitches on either side and knitting on a border. I think that it is turning out a little skinny. We shall see. Using Cascade 220 superwash.

This is a Lillie's Little Sweater for my DIL's sister who is due in Mid November. Should be able to get this one finished. Also have to do one in Pinks for a friends co worker. Using Dream in color yarn. Love it.

Hubby Yellow socks.... what you were expecting another color? If I can, I do his primarily in yellow as it surely is his favorite. He likes short socks too... and he has smaller feet. Did I luck out or what? I did have to frog the second sock, I was at the turn heel, or rather I forgot to TURN the heel, picked up the gusset stitches and started the decreases and hadn't been looking at my work. I was disgusted when I finally did look down to check my work and realized that I had nearly finised the decreases but forgot to turn the heel. ARGH. I was a bit enthusiastic about the frogging and didn't stop till the sock was gone. Now I have to restart.... Haste makes Waste. Must remember that.

This is a feather and fan shawl for my daughter in law. As you can see, she will be waiting a while before she gets this. Luckily for me, she doesn't know that I am knitting it, so she isn't waiting for it to be finished. Good thing huh?

This is another of the Baby Mexacali Ole sweaters but in the largest size this time. Just about finished with the last sleeve, then have to pick up the neck stitches and make the collar.

This is the Marihone by Dale of Norway. Only partway to the armpits as you can see. The hat is all but finished. Have yet to weave in the ends and put the spots on the lady bugs.

There are a few projects that didn't end up making the photo op. One is a pair of purple socks that I am knitting (baby) for a lady in my Thrusday night group. Made her a cute little hat as well and already gifted that to her. Didn't take a photo. Also the sock yarn scrap blanket. Didn't get a photo uploaded of that. It disappeared twice after uploading. Don't know what I did, but sure it was me and not the computer. The MS4 Stole that I showed you yesterday. A Philosophers Wool Sweater that I started a few years ago, one sleeve nearly finished.... It stayed on the shelf in all the stash tossing that I did the other day. Now I have to organize it by how much to do and when it needs to be finished and START working on them. All in all I am shocked that there are so few I somehow expected more. Now to curb the urge to cast on a few more items... for the moment any way. I am doing a KAL with a friend and we will be casting on next weekend (not this one) I believe.

Knit on!

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