03 October, 2008

A knitting kind of day

My Favorite!

Finished the sleeve of the Mexacali Baby in the Opal Tiger this morning. Have to pick up the neck stitches still and knit that up as well as sewing up the side seams. So still a bit to go on that.

Went to The Lamb's Ear , my LYS and knit there for a few hours today. Had the dog with me, he stayed out in the car tho. :-) He didn't want to stay home alone this morning. worked on the Lilly's little Jacket while I was there. I had ripped out the neck ribbing the other day as I had made a mistake, and what ever I was doing, it certainly wasn't a K1 P1 rib. That's all fixed now and am an inch or so past my idiot spot. Also cast on for that other project... The Braided Cardigan. It is knit virtually in one piece with very little seaming. I am using Cascade 220 in a brownish color. Will get it put up on Ravellry one of these days... complete with color numbers etc. Scored yarn for 3 pairs of socks and another "tank/shell" type of top as well. yummy fiber! The shopping for yarn from a gift certificate from a very good friend who's birthday is Sunday.

I will be heading back for Knit Night in about an hour. Like I said it was a knitting kind of day. Now I just wish that the yarn shop was a little bit closer.

Happy Knitting!

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