01 September, 2008

What's more important?

"What's more important, Knitting or Camping"? That's the question my husband asked me. My answer was of course "Knitting". He then re phrased his question stating what he really meant to ask. "What's more important.. Knitting or Me"? Well, put that way, I had to answer that he was more important.

No that doesn't mean I have to stop knitting, it means that I will not be at Friday Night Fiber Frenzy at the Lambs Ear this friday night. I will instead be up at Silver Springs camping. As much as I want to go to this knitting meeting I have to admit that my husband comes first. This should also be the last camping adventure of the year, pity that it coincides with the restart up of knit night. I tried to get him to agree to let me drive out later that night, but there is a $9.50 charge for additional vehicles. Ah well.

I finished up my bamboo tank top. Will be wearing that to the Thursday night knit group. If I make the pattern again I will have to make a few changes. The shoulder straps are to thin for my liking, and the neck shaping is higher that I would prefer. It fits nice, with just a wee bit of negative ease... I was quite unsure of that bit, but it worked out well.

Still needs to be washed and blocked out. Have to check and see if "blocking" would be the proper term for the bamboo yarn. May just need to be gently patted and smoothed into shape. Have to find that swatch and check it out. No I did not block my swatch... I knit it and it gave me the gauge I was looking for and all was good. amd so I knit. My swatch has never touched water. I am now afraid to let my tank touch water. I need to test this before Thursday. Yikes.


luneray said...

well boo for him! I was looking forward to seeing you this Friday. But the weather is supposed to be nice that weekend (if you can trust the extended forecast...) so I hope you have a lot of fun!

jeanius said...

I'll miss you too! But husbands are important ;)

I hope you enjoy your camping and have good weather. We went to Millersylvania Park today and fished and took a nice loooong walk :) (no fish were harmed in the trying though LOL)

L J said...

Well... He doesn't ask much of me in reguards to changing my plans for him. Pretty much have free rein on stuff like that. So when he does ask... can't really turn him down. but i can pout...