22 September, 2008

Finished and Unfinished objects

First the UFO. This is my start at the Mystery Stole 4. Only part way through the first clue, so ages behind the crowd I know, and no hope of catching up. I should be getting a bit more time to knit in the next few weeks, which will be nice but there are quite a few projects on my knitting "plate".

The beads on this project are Amethyst... tho they are dark in this photo. I will try another day to get a better shot. I'll wait till I'm further along as well. The color of the yarn however is quite accurate.

This little guy is wating to go for a hot water swim in the washer, and then a bit of stuffing once he's had a chance to dry out. He was one of the many projects I pulled from the UFO shelf this weekend. He was all but done, when for whatever reason he was stuck to the back of the shelf. Probably cause I needed to take 5 flippin minutes to sew his body together and then pick up stitches and knit his apendages. I will be needle felting on his eyes. once he is stuffed. ( It was finish work... not knitting, that's why he got the back shelf). I realized that he would be done in about an hour if I just sat myself down. So... he will be off to Hawaii this winter, to live with his new owner... my soon to be born Grandson Kaden.

This is a finished object. Hooray! I have been working on it about 2 years. It has had a few incarnations, and spent rather a lot of time in time out for bad behaviour. It started out with a feather and fan motif on the lower half and then switched to stocking stitch for the upper portion. Couldn't have the ladies covered by lace... When I tried it on, I discovered that the lace did indeed come up way, way too far... and frogged that puppy back completely. Restarted just as a basic shell. Details on my Ravellry, didn't think to bring the pattern out to the computer. If anyone is interested, leave a comment and I'll get back to you with the details. Missed getting it finished for this summer, but I am going to Hawaii this winter, so it will be worn lots then. Glad that it is finally done.

So, that is 2 sets of needles that were freed from use, and I frogged 2 other long term UFO's as well. Wow! Now need to organize the UFO piles. There are quite a few projects stacked around. I think that tomorrow's post will be a PHOTO of each and every one of them and details as to how much work I think that they will actually need. Maybe this will shame me into resolving their status one way or another. Gotta do something. As much as I love my LYS I'd rather be buying yarn and not duplicates of needles that I already have that are just in use. And the pity is that while they are indeed in use, holding the yarn on UFO's, for the most part they aren't being used actively. The turtle sat for over a year... granted I don't use size 10 1/2's on a regular basis, but that isn't the point.

Off to take photos of those that haven't seen the light of day in a long, long time.

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