22 July, 2008

Unexpected gifts

My camera battery is charging so that I can take a photo of my present.

Our neighbors went on vacation and saw a yarn store on their way home. Knowing that I knit and spin, they stopped in and got me a little something. They stopped by The Navigator's Needle in Thermopolis, WY and picked up 4 oz of Teeswater Roving blended with Icile by Lucy's Sheep Camp, also of Thermopolis. I hope that the camera will be able to pick up the colors in this. Beautiful violets and purples a hint of white and sky blue. Pretty stuff.

I was able to pick up my stitches successfully on the baby cardigan, running some sock yarn through the left arm of each stitch was helpful. Now have to overcome my disgust at my self for my failure to measure and pick it back up again. Hope to have it completed for the baby shower on the 10th of August. There is no reason that it shouldn't be finished by then. I just have to get busy on it when I get home from work instead of doing anything else. Other than supper... gotta feed the hubby... unless I can get him to cook. :-)

Probably a good thing that all my bobbins and my drop spindles all have yarn in progress on them . Silk on the turkish and the top whorl drop spindles, and some Coopworth ( I believe...) on the babe. I probably ought to order more bobbins from the Babe guy so that I have the ability to change to something new. Oh wait... I have a new drop spindle that I got at the Black Sheep Festival. hmm... gonna try spinning some of this tonight.

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