23 July, 2008

Lame post...

Not a thing to blog about today.

Thought that I would grab a couple of sheepy photos from the Black Sheep Festival. One of the lovely ladies that I was with that day asked me to take these photos of this sheep. Probably ought to get her a copy of them... Certainly was a cute bugger. Waiting patiently for his/her(? I didn't ask and didn't look for gender) turn with the woman who was shearing.

Have a happy sheepy Wednesday !

edited to add... click for bigger ... wow what a surprise. Is there a way to adjust the size that pops up? Huge, absolutely huge!

1 comment:

jeanius said...

love that sheep! so adorable!

I think the way to adjust the pop up size is to 'shrink' the photo before you upload it to your blog, then the pop up will only be as big as your pre-loaded size. Hope that helps!