28 July, 2008

Dog Tired

Cherries were picked there were 8 of these tubs picked full.

Poured into the hopper ...

and juice was made.

This was a long weekend... not the type with 3 or 4 days to it, but long as in lots of things to do, tho it was still nice. We went to my SIL's in Oregon, a 4 hour drive, and picked sour cherries. Lots of sour cherries. We pitted aprox 11 quarts for pies and the remainder was turned into juice. yummy!

I also picked 6 gallons of blueberries. I don't like dwarf blueberry bushes. Bending over for long periods of time in order to harvest blueberries isn't fun. Luckily SIL has quite a few standard sized blueberry bushes as well. That meant that I could skim over the smaller bushes and just pick from them when there were large clusters of ripe berries. I have blueberry bushes here at home as well, but only a dozen and they are still young yet, and not heavy producers and I want to make jam.

Knitting did happen, and I am back to "fresh yarn" on the Shibui cardigan and have a hat finished to the crown decreases. Photos of those to come.
This is how I feel today:

Dog tired.
This was Fishy all the way home.
I am glad that his water bottle didn't leak.

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luneray said...

Picking all those cherries and blueberries? Man, that's hard work!

But I guess it's all worth it, after all is said and done. Maybe you should turn some of those cherries into brandy...you know, to help ease the pain....