17 July, 2008

I don't know how it happened

... but when I was uploading some photos of baby knitting to the computer today my photos of the Black Sheep Festival uploaded as well. They weren't still on the camera as I checked there the other day and again today before I snapped the photos of the knitting. Yet they were there to upload when I plugged my camera into the computer. Oh well! All I can say is Yipee! I will take a bonus any time one comes my way.

Baby booties knitted using a Mary Maxim pattern for a womans medium bootie with the changes as follows... sock yarn and 1.75mm addi turbos. Instead of worsted and the appropriate sized needles. I wanted to try out my new addi 1.75's and the pattern and yarn were right near each other on the desk. So... :-) The camo ones are from an unlabeled ball of sock yarn in my stash. The brighter ones are Panda Wool by Crystal Palace Yarns 51% bamboo 39% wool and 15% nylon. Both need to be sewn up.

Pattern in "Babies and Toddlers- a knitters dozen" by XRX books

Mexicali Baby Ole Yarn... Stray ball of sock yarn I had. Smallest size to fit a newborn. There was yarn left. If I can find it I know there is enough to do a pair of booties. Must look.

EZ's baby surprise jacket. The yarn- Cascade 220 (not the superwash either) Must remember to tell my DIL that it is a hand wash item. But if it gets felted oh well. The darker rust is a solid 220 shade, leftovers from a felted purse for my sister. The other is my first hand dyed there were two skeins of that and I should have enough left to finish up the seaming without difficulty. Still needs doing up and buttons.
The baby shower is in August tho baby isn't due till mid Dec. I want to get as many items done as I can before then. Currently in the works is another cardigan and Marihone by Dale of Norway photos of those two later.

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