16 July, 2008

Playing hooky...

Sort of any way. I have a dentist appointment scheduled today, so decided to take the whole day off instead of just leaving work at noon. Bonus.... it is an absolutely gorgeous day! Sunshiny and cloud free. Hurray for summer!

Went to visit my friend Ms. M. this morning and trim her doggies nails. She has two good looking dogs, a boxer and a lab. After leaving her place I headed over to Dawn's place to drop off 2 dirty sheep fleece to be turned into roving. I would link to her web site, but I am not sure how to do that yet. As soon as I figure that out, (I may be begging help from friends on this one) I will put up a link to her page.

I bought a length of felt from Dawn in a light grey color that I will be making into a vest. I have some felting needles that I recently purchased from my LYS (will add this link too when I have it figured) and will attempt to decorate said vest with some felted goodness. I think I will practice first a bit tho.
Home for lunch and then back out the door on the way to the dentist and then stopping by vehicle emmissions to get my car checked out so I can get my new tabs. Not exactly the best way to spend the day off... at the dentist and doing emissions, but I will have knitting and the sun is shining. It certainly could be much worse. If I have time today (and still feel like it after dentist) I will be giving the stash a good toss.. have to organize a few things now that the 2 fleece are out of the room.

Now that I think about it... I should have gone through the sheep pens at the BSF and looked to see if she (she being the ewe) was still there after I purchased the fleece. Tho it wouldn't matter really other than seeing her, as ALL of my photos from that trip disappeared from my computer after the transfer from the camera. And yes, I clicked the option to erase from camera after transfer as the photos were only going on my laptop and not the main pewter so they aren't still there either. ::::bad words, bad words, bad words:::::

Failed to take photos of the fleece darn it. One is a chocolate brown Romney (cross?) lamb's fleece that I purchased a year and a bit ago at the Puyallup Fair. Weighed in dirty at 4.7 lbs. The second fleece was a beautiful grey Merino x Corry that I purchased at the Black Sheep Festival in Oregon this year. The ewe's name is "Grey Mom" and her fleece weighed 8.72 lbs in all it's sheepy dirtiness. So all in all, roughly 13 pounds of dirty sheep. Wonder what I will end up with poundage wise? I know it is probably best to figure close to 1/2 the start weight lost to grease and veg matter, and if it you lose less than that consider it as a bonus.

Time to go to the dentist.... ewww....

Happy Knitting

** got the link thing figured out I think**

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