20 July, 2008

Finishing what I've started

I sat down this morning and sewed up both of the booties and finished up the BSJ, weaving in the ends and doing the shoulder seams and picking up the crochet hook and going around the collar. Then grabbed the sweaters and headed to the store for buttons. $34.00 and an hour later I have buttons. More buttons than I need for the sweaters that I have. More than I need for the baby sweaters that I still plan on knitting before the baby is due. I think I might have a button acquisition problem. I put button holes on both sides... ala Elizabeth Zimmerman... so that they would be correct for either sex. Have to go look through my husband's closet to determine if what I recall about button holes/buttons is correct before sewing on the buttons. (I would have been wrong) His dress shirts proclaim that boys buttons are sewn on the right side and the holes are on the left as the garment is worn. I have very few button up type blouses but I did locate one and the buttons were on the left.

It feels good to finish things up completely. I will have to remember this. There IS a second thrill after the joy of finishing up the knittign portion of a project. Now it is a finished knit and a Useable one as well. Happy Knitting! Off to sew on buttons!

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