02 June, 2009

This and That

Finished up two more books. "Gone" was a good read, enjoyed it thouroughly. It has some graphic murder descriptions... just a heads up for anyone squeemish... it's a murder, kidnapping sort of tale. Also finished "Interview with a Vampire" and my eldest is supposed to be dropping the DVD by one of these days so that I can watch it.

Still plugging away at all my WIPs. Nothing any where near being finished. I really want to cast on for a few more things tho. Must resist this impulse! Too much already started that needs to be finished already.

Tried to burn down the house Saturday morning. I wiped down the stove top after breakfast dishes were done, and then showered and changed and took the dog to the store with me. Just popped over to the Safeway 2 miles from here and only needed a few items. (thankfully)! Arrived back home and noticed that there was a hot smell as soon as I opened the garage door. Immediately went to check the stove, thinking that I had left the burner on under the teapot. Nope! I must have snagged the oven dial when I was wiping down. Oven door was closed... broiler was on! I didn't use the broiler that morning. I had made omlets. Opened all the windows in the kitchen/dining area, turned on fans and left the oven door wide till it cooled off. I have yet to turn it back on to make sure that it works. So glad that it was just a quicky trip and not like a work day. Yikes! Shhh... don't tell my honey.

Thanks again to "TheMiddleDaughter" for a wonderful supper and knitty get together this evening. Every thing was wonderful ate way more than I should have, and I am going to need the details on the pizza sauce you made. I know, you told me, but I forgot them before returning home.

Knit Happy!

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