20 June, 2009

Stiff Neck

Woke with a horrid stiff neck this morning, it has been bugging me off and on (mostly on) for a few weeks now, but really bad when I woke today. Have been able to look over my left shoulder barely in the last few weeks since it started acting up, but not today at all. Have to turn in the seat to merge into traffic, can't just look over my shoulder. :-( Spent the day in the recliner with my hot tea and my knitting. That probably wasn't the best place for me to be, but warmth and comfort were what I needed most of all and that is one of my favorite knitting places. So wrapped up in wool and knitting on wool soothed the nerves if not the muscles in my neck.

Progress was perhaps slower than normal, but the second sleeve stitches were picked up on the Braids cardi and then I worked on the Pi shawl, and now have only 24 more pattern repeats to go. I will be working on it again this evening until bed time. Needed to eat and make more tea before sitting back down. Oh, Fishy says he wants his supper too. Can't forget him!

Knit Happy!

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Rachael said...

sounds like you need a hot rice pack and maybe a trip to the chiro or massage therapist...feel better soon.