07 June, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

Only 53 repeats remaining on the Pi shawl border. That's about 4.5-5 hours of knitting as each repeat takes ~5 mins. I can see the light at the end of this tunnel. Have been picking it up first each time I have the chance to knit and doing at least a few repeats before setting it down to work on something else. This approach seems to be working better than looking at it sit on the desk and not touching it. Today was a good shawl day and 19 repeats were completed.

Almost finished with the first sleeve on the Braids Cardi. Probably another 20 - 25 rows. I know I have 12 more decrease rows yet to finish and then will need just a titch more to make it long enough. Will have to try it on frequently that last little bit so that I don' t end up with sleeves that are just a tad short or an inch too long. Then there will be the second sleeve and sewing on the buttons. Light can be seen at the end of this here tunnel too. Yea!

Started reading "The Vampire Lestat" this morning, quite good so far. Been working on the Lucy Bag while reading. Still quite a few rows to go since I am making the "tall" version. Having to turn pages makes you knit slower. Ah well... As much as I love reading, I won't give up knitting in order to read. Audio books are ok, but I still like the printed page. At times I think one of those Kindle readers would be nice... I wonder how the page feed/turn works on that? ... But still that isn't ink and paper and the smell of a new (or old) book. And for me, that is part of the love of reading. Tho the idea of a small extremely portable library in just a small hand held device certainly has it's own appeal.

Well, now for supper and then knitting before bed!

Knit Happy

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Rachael said...

seems like you are getting closer to finishing things up :) Let me know if you want to borrow a camera so we can all drool at your wonderful knitting!