04 June, 2009

Almost too Hot...

Wanting some rain to help me water the garden, and to fill up the rain barrels again. Days like today it seems we've just got too much planted. :-) Can't complain too loudly tho I guess, as it means that we will have plenty of fruit and veggies this summer. Probably have enough water in the last rain barrel to water the garden one more time. Then will have to get the hose out, unless we get rain soon. The wind picked up on my drive home from Tacoma this evening, lots of smaller limbs in the roadway, hope that it means rain and not hail. Hail would be a bad thing about now. Don't know if the garden would survive a wicked hail storm.

Still working on the first sleeve of the cardi. I think I have hit a black hole. *Knit, knit, knit... try it on. Still seems like the sleeve is the same length. * repeat from * .

Parked my car this evening in the shade outside the bank across from the Tacoma Art Place. Walked across the street, started up the sidewalk, turned my head to check on my dog (he rode with me in the car) and noticed that I had yarn hanging from my basket. Followed it with my eyes to see where it went and saw it sitting quietly beside the car door. ::::oops:::: Quickly crossed back over picked up the ball and started re-winding. :-) Haven't done that one before. I am just glad I turned to look at the dog. I could have gone a lot further before I noticed I'd dropped the yarn cake. Anyone done anything similar?

World Wide Knit in Public Day is fast approaching. (June 13th) What is everyone planning on doing? I'm going to stay local, that's for sure. I don't want to take Fisher, or I won't be able to knit unless I give him plenty of doggy downers... he will totally stress out if he is in a park like area. (Takes him a good 24 hours to settle when we go camping in the trailer.) Fisher also knows when it is the weekend, and he sort of expects to be my constant and ever present shadow (yes I know that is redundant) so I will only be out for a few hours at most.

Knit happy!

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