14 October, 2008


I'm going to a spinning guild meeting tonight with a Knitterly Friend.

I have been spinning for a few years now... though by no means on a regular basis. I have an on again off again relationship with my spinning. As in I walk past my spinning wheel (a babe double tredle production model) and or spindles (I have 3 drop spindles and 1 turkish spindle currently) and will think I need to sit and spin a spell... granted, some times I do, and sometimes it's just a thought. I do however keep buying Fleece and Roving and show no signs of slowing that process any more than I could give up buying yarn that takes my fancy.

I can spin a decent yarn, and I enjoy knitting with my hand spun. I also know enough to realize that there is so much more that I don't know. And those thoughts make me want to learn a bit more.

For instance: How to make a yarn for a specific project, instead of spinning the yarn and deciding what to make based on what I have spun. How to recognize when I am mucking it up and how to fix it before I totally screw it up. (Fiber is expensive if you muck it up; I can almost always justify the expense if I get a usable object). How to spin a lace weight... tho I think that I can do this with silk, but not wool or at least I don't think that I can. How to spin a 3 ply sock weight.

I am thinking that if I enjoy tonight, and I am reasonably sure that I will, that this will give me that extra little push towards my wheel (or spindles) just a bit more often. And you know what they say about Practice. I also need to move my wheel back out to the main room as there isn't room in the "Yarn Room" for spinning. I can store it there... but no room to sit in there and have the wheel in front of me. Yet. One of these days. Of course keeping the wheel in the main room has issues attached to it as well. I moved it to the "Room" in the first place because the dog is allergic to wool, tho he doesn't usually bother my knitting and spinning so I might bring it back out and cover it with a drop cloth and see if that will work.

Well, have to get away from the computer and get ready to go if I am going... and I am... so that means stuff to do before I can go play. Like Laundry and Dishes and Vaccuming. Some times (like now) I don't want to be a responsible adult. But a balance is good, tho I do think sometimes that work gets in the way of play. Ah well... that's a rant for another place and time.

Happy knitting!

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