31 October, 2008

Happy Halloween

May your holiday be full of frightful delights and loads of candy!

Wet and rainy out today. So glad my kiddos are grown and I don't need to do the "trick or treat" thing any longer. Of course, we did start a bit of a tradition once they hit 11 or 12. We would go out for pizza, rent some movies, come home and pop up a huge bowl of pop corn and shut out the lights and settle in for a long night of movies. We started doing this when Ellora, the dog (rottie) we had at that time, decided that she really, really didn't like the hordes of kids in costumes coming to our door any longer. She was about 6 years old at the time. She loved all people as a general rule... just not in costume... or hats of any kind for that matter.

Knit night this evening... YEA! Gonna be a mess getting out of the neighborhood with all the ghoulies and gobblins running rampant through the streets tho, so will probably head out early. Reminder to self to bring some easy knit in the dark kind of stuff for the wait in the car.

Stay warm and dry and Drive Safe!

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