19 October, 2008

Almost finished

I have to admit the first hour was fun. Then the experience went downhill from there. I have decided that I don't really like to paint celings. I don't like to "tape in", and I didn't like removing the waniscoting. Walls I didn't mind painting however.

The color on the right side of the photo shows the olive green 'baby turtle" color correctly. I couldn't get the color on the top half "flowering herb" of the wall to show up properly... it is a very light green. The area on the right looks a bit greyish... but it isn't really. (flash too close to the wall I think) I re-painted the celing with the "flowering herb" today, I didn't like the pale yellow with the greens in reality. They looked good together on the color cards tho. Will use the remainder of the yellow in the laundry room, should have plenty. Was planning on yellow in there anyway. I think that it needs to be a bright and cheerful color since I don't really like doing laundry.

I still need to rip out the toilet and get the wall paper off of that one bitty section behind said toilet and then wash and paint. Have to wash and then re-put up the wainscoting and it will be done. I have decided to wait till the hubby comes home before ripping out the toilet. I don't want it to be my fault if it breaks. :-) I'll get the wainscoting washed and ready but I think that I will let him put that back up as well.

Finished knitting 3 items. Yea! Two hats for a charity knit and a pair of baby socks for a young lady at my Thrusday night group. Trying not to cast anything else on. I still have way too many items to finish. So far I have been good... we will see how long this lasts.

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