09 December, 2008


Learning how to play the Wii with my 4 yr old grandson. I'm not very good. I am also the only one that he can beat. :-) Good for him to be better than someone else at something. We had quite a few laughs about my spinning in circles and bouncing us back to the main menu because I kept pushing the wrong buttons. I think we were playing something called Rampage. Funny looking critters (ala godzilla) that had to destroy a city.

One sock monkey almost knitted. The 4 year old wants one as well... So his is next up on the needles. I am probably going to have to mail myself some items home. I bought enough stuffing for quite a few sock monkeys I think. I don't know if I will finish knitting the one for Middle K or not before I leave. Depends on how much knitting the grandpuppy lets me do. Most of my knitting is happening between 4 and 6 am.

Well, I get to feed the baby... so gotta go.

Knit on!

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