12 December, 2008

Stormy night

Had to wait till the rain died down and the sun(?) came up in order to take a photo. This and buckets of rain were what I noticed at 5:00 yesterday morning. I don't think that we saw the sun at all really here in Hawaii yesterday, it did get lighter but stayed overcast and rainy all day. Oahu was under a flash flood watch till a bit after 10 am. Several schools were closed. Not my eldest grandson's tho. Was however a wet and blustery drive to get him there. The dog had to be bathed after her morning constitutional. Luckily she is a little beagle so I was able to carry her through the house wrapped in a towel to the tub without too much trouble. She didn't get nearly as many walks yesterday as she would have liked. She absolutely loved being out in the rain and the wind. Leaves are very, very fun to chase after and pounce upon.

Sock monkey is knitted. Just have to attach his arms to his body and felt him on some eyes. I brought a felting needle with me, and some green Lopi scraps. If I don't totally mess him up there will be photos. If I do mess him up there will be whining and fussing till I figure out how to fix it. Can you pick off the felted on bits if you "F it up"? I am eager to get back to regular sock knitting and my sweater, but I have at least one more Monkey to knit. They are fairly fast tho, especially since I have pretty much made one. Not that you would know it from the speed that I have finished this one. The Grand puppy really is a terror when it comes to yarn. We had another episode two days ago involving a half knit monkey arm and the remaining ball of yarn. It wasn't pretty tho it did end well. No monkeys or doggies were harmed in the process, tho the monkey's arm was nearly pulled from the needles. Had to wind up the yarn from the needle end, then re ball it once I reached the end. After un knotting it of course. I was knitting from both ends of the ball at that point and the yarn cake was at the point of collapse already. No I didn't bring my ball winder with me. I did however consider it at one point. No room.

I have learned that it is possible to knit with a 4 year old on your lap. It does slow stuff up a bit more however, and little boys are wiggly. Ants in the pants wiggly. Not that I had forgotten that it is all but impossible for a healthy boy to sit still, but I had never tried to knit with a boy on my lap. Mine were past the sitting on the lap stage when I learned to knit. I haven't tried to knit whilst holding the baby tho. I can't seem to concentrate on anything but him when I am holding him.... ah well... they are only little for such a short time and I leave (boo hoo) in 9 days to go home. I can knit then. As much as I miss my hubby and my own animal family and my knitting buddies, it is going to be hard to leave here. This little guy looks so much like his daddy did when he was a babe.

Well, nearly time to hit the road with the big kiddo and get him to school. Thank goodness the rain is gone. Great big beautiful moon and a clear sky out there this morning.

Knit on

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jeanius said...

oh, sucky weather! I remember my elementary school flooding when we lived in Hawaii, a friends dad lowered a row boat and we paddled around the flooded play ground and climbed on the playground toys that were still above the water line. FUN times ;)

You can pull off the needle felted eyes if they look wrong, and try again :) I hope you post photos :)