02 December, 2008

Unable to send

For some reason I am unable to send photos in an email... Keep getting a stupid error message. ARGH!

In Knitting news... there hasn't been much what with the new baby. I did however, finish knitting the baby blanket... still have to weave in the ends tho. The Grand puppy Coco doesn't like me to knit. She prefers to have me chase after her after she has snuck up and grabbed my yarn and run off. Granted she is only 6 months old, so is still a cute little beagle puppy... but I don't like playing chase and recovery, at least not when it is yarn. She has plenty of toys, and I would be happy to play the same game with those. Took me almost an hour to recover and restore the last ball of yarn to it's original untangled state. We won't speak about the drool. I am just glad that it happened to be a super wash yarn. And worsted weight, and the yarn was all still in one strand tho horrifically tangled. I have managed to squeeze in a few rounds of sock here and there, but other than that... Knitting deprived. :-)

Hopefully I will have the time to go out to the local yarn stores while I am here. We shall see.

Not wishing to return home, tho I miss my knitting buddies, my animals and of course the hubby. Would like to stay and snuggle grand babies and nothing else.

Knit on!

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luneray said...

The images are probably too big. Try saving them as smaller sizes and then mail just one, as a test.

If that still doesn't work, then you can upload your images into your account at Picasa (this is where all your images you place on your blog are stored) and then email people the link to your Picasa page. :)

Miss you, although I know you are having a great time. ((hugs))