19 December, 2008

Cute Dude in a Hand Knit Sweater

This is Little "K" in his hand knit Mexicali Ole. This is the newborn size. I had my doubts as to whether it would fit him or not. (So of course I made him another in a 12 month size) This one fits him perfectly, at least for the next few weeks. May not be practical when he goes out, but it is fine in the house as long as the AC is on. Woolies in Hawaii probably arent the most useful thing.
He's fresh out of the bath in this photo. He'd done quite the number in his britches. A few measly diaper wipes just weren't going to cut it.
I have started on the heel flaps of the socks that I was working on before I left. I haven't really gone very far on them. Don't want to be fighting the dog for possession of the yarn. Also, holding little guy as often as I can. Sunday comes far too soon.
Knit on!

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