16 July, 2009

Ummmm... Hi....

Hello there... remember me? I see that it has been awhile since I last posted... almost 2 weeks to be exact. I have photos to share today. Here is the Pi Shawl laid out on the kitchen table.

Oh... this post is longer than normal... to make up for my lack? Who knows? Enjoy... or not. ;-)

Below is a close up of the border. Barbara Abbey's #1 Very Narrow Edging

Here is the shawl again, but outside. Yes I know my grass is brown.

Ok... now that you have the yarn po*n... I'll try to catch you up on all we've done. This is the time to click out of here unless you are truely interested. ;-)

Hope everyone had a safe and happy fourth of July. We were camping with some friends over in Belfair (near Shelton, WA). We were on lake front property that belonged to friends, so limited resources. H2O but no electricity. Just our propane and the battery back up. Awesome fireworks! The residents around the lake took turns shooting off their explosives.. first one, then clockwise around the lake round and round and round etc... until well after 2:30am.

Knitting while camping did happen, lots of it. I also showed my little friend Jess (she's 10) and the recipient of my chemo caps, how to knit. Unfortunately, she is a bit out of the way for us to pop over for a knitting lesson. I did leave her with yarn and needles. I was working primarily on the sock that lives in my purse. The yellow one (what?) for my husband. Hubby socks are always mostly yellow. It is now finished and I have informed him that the next sock set is NOT his and NOT yellow. The next sock is MINE!

It will be in an oatmeal (kinda boring after the yellows and oranges in his sock) I will be doing a pattern from New Pathways for Sock Knitters book one, by Cat Bordhi. I am thinking that the patterning will make up for the lack of color. :-) I'm doing a baby sock (single) in the pattern I will be using to check it out and make sure I understand the directions. It appears that I do as it is turning out correctly. I am using leftovers from the hubby's sock to do this and I am glad that I am using a solid color for MY sock. I will be casting this on tonight or tomorrow. It will be travel knitting and will live in my purse until done.

Currently trying to finish up more than a few projects. Some of which have been shoved aside and put on hold because of other stuff. My Braids Cardi will be on hold until further notice, as well as the afghan for the KAL. I am still loving them but they are for me and I have stuff to complete on dead lines at the moment. (I am sure there are more... but I don't want to depress my self by looking for them... out of sight out of mind)

The Red Sweater for the Niece needs to be done before 1 December 09 (just over 3 months) Whew! Maybe 6-7 inches into the sweater, so quite a bit to go but still do-able I believe.

I need to procure some yarn in Sea Hawks Colors (worsted weight) for a baby sweater and a seperate hat for my office manager's grand son. 12- 18 month size (commissioned project) Need yarn, Buttons and a Pattern This needs to be done by the second week of September. (Just about 2 months) Small... Baby sweaters are Small. Breathe! Roxie ... I need YARN!

Request from Grandson #2 last night. "Could you knit me a Ninja Mask. In Orange? (he is 5)Please Nanna?" and from Grandson#2's cousin Miss I.... "could you knit me a pair of socks? and a hat with flowers?" (she is 7) Umm... sure... As they chose the yarn from my stash for their prezzies. Always wanted to check out some of the designs in Nicky Epsteins book Knitting over the edge. that will be the pattern source of the flowery stuffs. I am thinking a "flapper" style hat. Hmmm. dunno. Oh... anybody know any Ninja's?? I need to do a bit of research I think as I haven't a clue. The only thing that comes to my mind are the Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles. And I don't remember what they looked like... other than being green. I will have to do some internet surfing/free pattern site searching etc in order to fulfill the wishes of this kiddo.

One dishcloth finished for T.A.P. Trying to get the next one done today. I will continue to have hope that this will occur. There is a benefit being held... an auction and as I understand it, the knitters are putting together a "goody basket" of knitterly household products (towels, cloths etc... ) that will serve not only as a center piece but an auctioned item as well. Check out their link and read it!

Alright... enough already!

Knit Happy


luneray said...

oh, that shawl is seriously beautiful! That was made with the Kauni yarn, right?

I believe a ninja mask is like a ski mask, only not in ribbing. Covers the head and mouth/nose but leaving the eyes uncovered. And black, of course.

L J said...

Yes the shawl is in the Kauni. 2 skeins. The edging is in 2 strands one of Kid Silk Haze and the other a Merino-possum blend.

Rachael said...

Oh my that shawl is beautiful! It was great to see you again, let me know how the snakes went over.
For the ninja mask I would be sure to ask him what he thinks a ninja mask is...could be a traffic cone in his head...you just never know.

jeanius said...

that is a beautiful shawl! I really love your border! Miss you too!

Sounds like your out of town.. but if you want, we are meeting up at Point Defiance park on Saturday, on the east side near the shore!

Sounds like you are having a great summer ;)