17 July, 2009

Things to take into consideration.

Thanks for the comments on the ninja mask.

The first made me realize that I did indeed remember what a ninja mask looked like and also explained the comment that K2 made about "make a hole for my mouth too." And the second... Yes I will have to discuss with K2 what his thoughts are on a ninja mask. Little boys can indeed be very very oppinionated, thanks for reminding me. I think that pictures would be in order. (When he first made the request I was thinking more of a lone ranger style thing) Now then, will he die from heat stroke if he wears it in Hawaii? I think I will make a "lone ranger" one as well. Just in case... Please... no one show him the Saumari hat in Folk Hats. :-) I am sure that he would love it and I think that I would even enjoy making it... just not on a "scheduled request".

Well, this is short. Have to go shower and get ready to go. We are heading out for the weekend. I will be taking the laptop, but have no idea as to internet availability. I am not ready at all. I don't even have my knitting ready yet. (tho I do know what I am taking with.

Knit happy

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Rachael said...

Hope you have a great weekend Lady!