23 July, 2009

Back home

This is one of the views that we had on our drive. We stopped at this viewpoint somewhere on the northern Oregon Coast. No I do not know exactly where we were at. I was more interested in being outside and in the glorious sunshine than anything else. I also learned that it is not advisable to be looking at the ocean while walking back to the vehicle. Tripped over the stinking curb and did a prat fall in the parking area. Skinned knee, hurts more than when I was 12, and of course we were not the only people at the viewpoint. Nothing like an audience when you make a fool out of yourself. We continued south on 101 until we reached Hebo and then headed east towards my SIL's place. Lovely drive, we also stopped in at the Tillimook Cheese Factory and bought cheese curds and ice cream cones. Yummy! Absolutely no internet access during our weekend... sure I could have driven into town and stopped at a cafe or something but I didn't.

Sample socks were finished this weekend, cast on for the "oatmeal" socks on Sunday. Toes are done, and have started on the "pattern". Have located some Seahawks yarn. Found some at my LYS and also in Shelton at Fancy Image Yarns . So plenty of options for the "commissioned" sweater. Now to locate buttons... footballs or helmets I am thinking. Going to re-use a pattern that I already have. Save me a bit of time since I have done the pattern before, tho am doing a different version. Not knitting a hood, will make a separate hat instead. (possibly socks too if I have enough left over yarn).

Knit Happy!


Rachael said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Glad you were able to find your yarn, I know how hard it can be to find the perfect blue.

L J said...

hee... most of it was. I could have done with out some of it tho.