19 March, 2009

Grandbaby time

Took the day off on the 11th and spent the morning at the Pacific Science Center with the grandkids. (the big guys are 8 & 5, little guy is 3 months... he'll need another trip or three!) We had a blast. It was my first trip, as when we moved up here to Washington again, (I was here from '78 - '81) to stay in '98... the boys were in high school and a trip to the PSC would have been totally not cool as a trip. Nothing like dinosaurs and bugs tho when you are a kid. My boys did the dinosaurs in London when they were about this same age. After the PSC it was lunch time and then a date at the trout farm to see what they could catch. The two big boys caught 7 trout between them, good thing KungKung(grandfather in chinese) likes fish. All in all it was a long, long day. Everyone had fun. Unfortunately no knitting happened during the day. I left my my knitting on the table, I had pulled it out of my purse to organize a few things and didn't put it back in. So, instead of knitting to and from Seattle I stared at a sleeping baby. :-) They headed back to Hawaii on Sunday morning, won't get to see them again until June.
Lots of knitting on Saturday and Sunday afternoon as well as most of Tuesday, I am now out of yarn on the afghan project, two squares done, so will need to pick up another 2 skeins for the next two blocks this friday. Six inches from the armholes on the braid cardigan, that's moving along slowly but still quite nicely. Will need to put another skein or two in yarn cakes this week for that project. Working on the feet of a pair of socks, perhaps another 3 inches before the toe decreases. Also working on the border of the pi shawl, this section requires me to pay attention, so I had to put it away while we had family here. I had to tink (knit backwards) a section because I was trying to carry on a conversation and knit lace. Nope, can't do it.
Oh... got the yarn room organized before all the family showed up. Had a bonus cleaning day (and yes... I needed that extra time) as they messed up on their flight time and showed up for their flight 24 hours late. OOPS! We all got a giggle out of that, especially as they got really lucky and they weren't charged any extra for their mess up. (Hubby's sis did exactly the same thing about 6 weeks ago! ) Those flights that are just before midnight seem to mess people up easier than those at other times.
Knit happy!

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