28 February, 2009


I need some one to come to my house and help me organize and pitch out clutter. Not knitting related stuff... but paper crap and misc. junk. I have way too much paper clutter. I am totally unorganized as well it seems. Rocks that I have picked up off the beach and on different trips scattered in baskets. Do I really need all this? I need some one ruthless to stand over me and say to pitch it.

Trying to clean and organize as my youngest and his family are going to be in WA for a couple of weeks. They won't be staying here, we don't have room for all of them at this point (would perhaps have space if it were more organized) but they will be over visiting for several hours at a time.

Bonfire? perhaps that is the answer. Just burn it all. ARGH! Three more days.... At least the bathroom is clean.


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