22 November, 2008

On Vacation

Don't have to be back to work until the 22nd of December! Flying out on the 25th to spend time with my youngest and his family in Hawaii and awaiting the birth of their newest one. Hoping to get plenty of knitting time in. I know what yarn I am taking... but still must wind some into cakes. Haven't packed ckothes yet at all... will have to do that sometime this weekend. (or Monday) ;-) The pet sitter has been briefed and has spent a few nights here so that the animals all get accoustomed to having someone else here. (0ne of hubby's friends will be staying here)

Trying to get another Christmas present finished before I leave. Another pair of felted slippers this one for my eldest. Have the pair for his Sweetie done already. They will both be wrapped and gifted un-felted. I think we will have a little felting party while they are here so that they can try them on for fit in the process. They both have larger feet than mine and I don't want to be guessing and guessing wrong and felt them too small. Photos later... will do a before and after shot. I am using the Fiber Trends pattern and Lopi yarn

Well, tea water is nearly done and so I am going to finish fixing that and curl back up in the recliner and knit some more with a nice cup of mint tea.

Happy Knitting!

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luneray said...

I know you are going to have a fabulous time in Hawaii but I will miss you while you are gone!

Take care!