08 November, 2008

Done and done

This " Lilly's Little Sweater" is for my DIL's sister who is due in the next couple of weeks. Decided on a fairly neutral green as they opted not to find out the baby's sex.

Just have the buttons left to sew on. Should get to that tomorrow.

Too late for me this evening to go and find a sewing needle. I know that the yarn needles won't go through the button eyes.

Two hats for the knitting guild charity. I am so slow at getting things done. A product of having way too many things on the needles at one time. Lots of variety and while I am knitting all the time it seems that very little gets done in a timely manner.

And yellow socks for the oft complaining hubby. He has been sadly neglected during this year of Baby Knitting. Poor thing. (not!) He says that he hasn't gotten anything so far this year. So these will be awaiting him in the morning.

I am holding off on casting on anything new... and picking up another UFO to see what if anything can be finished up this evening or tomorrow. Failing finishing, perhaps I can at least get a little further along on something. Oh... one other finished item but it is a christmas present and so don't want to post till after it is gifted.

Knit on!

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