22 November, 2008


This morning I knit on the Felted Slipper, and as I was sitting in the sleep inducing chair, it took longer than it should have for the progress I made. I fell asleep. With a cat on my lap. Was hoping to finish it today... well I suppose it is still possible to finish if I stay up awhile longer. If not there is always tomorrow.

Then switched to the sock in progress. As you can see, I was multi tasking. Playing Yahtzee on the computer. Granted it does slow me down a bit, having to take my turn and all, but my companions don't complain if I must finish the row before rolling the dice. It also keeps me out of the sleepy chair. It's a win win situation on some days.

Yarn is Pagewood Farms. Color is Misty. Don't have the ball band as I traded with a knitting buddy who lusted after the brown skein that I had. It's all good! Love this color too. Reminds me of grey days and sunsets and misty mornings on a small pond. The yarn is very yummy and squishy. As you can see, one sock is darker than the other. They will be siblings... not twins. I divided the ball in half by weight. I noticed this effect when viewing the socks my friend has knit up (in different colors) with this yarn as well. This yarn trait doesn't bother me at all. I don't mind if my socks are unique or on rare occasions match perfectly. I do know of knitters that this would drive completely batty. If you are one of those knitters... you have been warned. :-) Though honestly, I don't know if every skein is like this or if we just managed to get odd balls.

Doing a simple K3, P1 ribbing down the cuff. I may or may not carry the ribbing down the top of the foot. Undecided on that at this point. I am doing both socks at the same time, using the basic instructions in the book "2-at-a-time Socks" by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. (linked to Amazon cause it is easy) Both yarn and book were purchased at my LYS though.
On another note:
Kitchen is cleaned, living room straightened and most of my clothing is located and washed, one load yet in the dryer. Back pack halfway packed. Sudoku book(s) and pencils are in the lap top's bag. All cables and cords located and stashed there as well, except the cell phone charging cable. I will grab that and pack it on Monday. Still have to wind yarn cakes and divide a few balls of sock yarn. Have to simplify my necessities bag for my carry on. Will stash most of my knitting tools in the main back pack. Must still decide what to take for plane knitting besides the socks.
I will be trying to go to all the yarn shops I can locate near Honolulu. Will probably not purchase much while I am there... hard to justify yarn purchases when I am taking more yarn than I know that I can knit. Will see about writing up a bit on each of the ones that I make it to. I was surprised to find that there are indeed several listed in the 2007-2008 Travel guide. The book shows 8 in Honolulu, and 5 others in different cities on Oahu. (there is at least one on 2 other islands as well it appears)
Knit on!

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