03 August, 2008

I just signed up...

...For the Mystery stole 4 this morning. I missed last year's sign up because I delayed checking out the various links I saw while reading different posts until after signups closed. If you are interested, sign up closes on 12 Sept 2008. Should be fun. New skill to learn. I have used beads with cross stich projects but never with knititng. I have a drawer full of lace weight, with 3 different colors that aren't already "spoken for" and are also in an amount that should work reguardless of my gauge. The supply list calls for 1100 yards w/notes elsewhere in the "help section" saying the orginal was knit with ~200 yards less... the extra being added for "insurance".

I have decided to go with the Jagger Spun Zephyr Wool-Silk in a 50/50 Merino Tussah Silk blend. 4 oz and 1250 yards. The color is Mushroom. So a nice easy off white. Now for beads... I am undecided as to whether I want something that is of a high contrast, or something that will definately show, but not be shouting "Look here at me... I'm shiny"! Hmmm... having just writen that I think I will go for the more subtle "Beads? Yes there are beads. See just there."

I think that my yarn and I have a shopping expedition ahead of us. I think I need to have my yarn with me to help make the decision easier. I know that there are some bead shops in the area, have to check them out. Now the question will be if I can get out of the store with ONLY the beads needed for the stole and nothing more. Ha! I think my chances are probably small.

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