01 January, 2010

Hello 2010!

Hope that everyone had a safe New Year's Celebration. We had a rather quiet one here. Out for a nice supper, then back home where hubby played on the computer and I knit until I couldn't see my stitches any longer. Unfortunately that meant that I didn't "knit-in" the New Year as I was in bed and fast asleep by 10pm. Also quiet as there weren't a lot of fireworks either. I assumed there would be more noise, being the end of a decade and all, but no.

I will be taking stock this weekend of the projects still on the needles from last year and getting them organized for either completion or a trip to the frog pond, whichever seems appropriate. The red sweater for the niece is moving along nicely, working on that all this weekend as it is overdue for it's delivery. No, it won't be finished this weekend... but it will be farther along.

Happy Knitting!

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