19 April, 2009

Washing Fleece

Surprisingly I am enjoying the fleece washing process. It is going to take forever tho, I am surely not going to win any speed prizes. I'm on the third batch of the day and I will have maybe 1/2 of a pillowcase (standard size) full when today's last batch is done. That's with the clean stuff lightly placed inside. Of course I am doing smaller batches in the kitchen sink and not the bath tub. Trying to preserve the lock structure (and have no desire to be on my knees... getting back up is a bitch). Drying photos were taken and will upload them later (love the hot tub cover... I don't have to bend over much). The final batch is still in a tub in the kitchen sink in hopefully it's final rinse water. The big bag of dirty stuff dosen't look any smaller. hmmm...

Spinning on a spindle while out watching the fleece dry. More interesting than watching paint dry... the grey and black colors just seem to shine while out in the sun. I don't think the photos did justice to the beauty of the color.


luneray said...

I also intended to wash it in small batches to keep lock structure intact. I used a lingerie bag to wash the fleece. I was really diligent until I spent several hours washing fleece and realized that there was no noticeable change in the amount of fleece still to be washed even though I had tangible evidence to prove that yes, I was washing fleece!

The batches got bigger and bigger until I was using 20 gallon bins in the bathtub. Of course, if I had a top loading washer, I'd have used that.

Good luck!

L J said...

I'm kind of afraid of using my washer. But I can see where the batches will probably get larger. I just don't want to be on my knees in front of the tub. Probably will use the mud sink for the next batches. Have to check it out, it is awful deep tho and that won't do the lower back any favors.