18 April, 2009

Spring Fair

So, I was just supposed to be volunteering at the Shepherd's Extravaganza, but I was followed home by a Romney Fleece. A beautiful dark charcoal grey in color. I seem to have my eyes caught by the darker colors. Next year my pusher ...um friend... is supposed to steer me towards the lighter colors. I am thinking blending with some of my darker fleeces as well as some for dyeing.

I am going to attempt to process this one myself. Yes, I said that last time too. But I really, really mean it this time. I even started on it this evening. Got a double handful of the wonderful sheepy stuff and washed it up. Had it outside on a towel for the last 30 mins of today's sunshine and plan on doing up a bit more tomorrow. Supposed to be close to 70 degrees tomorrow, I can sit outside and spin or knit while I guard the stuff.

I washed my cream shawl as well this evening. I swear that it was dirtier than the unprocessed fleece. Three Soapy water baths to get that rat bastard clean. The water was so dirty that I am surprised that I haven't ruined any clothes by wearing that filthy thing. Oh... and it is also no longer cream. It had a date with a full bottle of Spruce dye when it was fresh out of its final rinse. It is still outside in the wind laying on the hot tub cover. Had to lock all the animals inside as I came back past the window to see Ichabod our Black cat rolling around on his back in the middle of my still wet shawl. This is why I have to guard the fleece. They won't steal it, but the cats, all three, will roll on wet wool like it is primo cat weed!

Happy Knitting!


luneray said...

Really, it's nearly impossible to resist a gorgeous charcoal grey fleece when it's making eyes at you.

Just a question...did you wash the yarn you used for your shawl before you knit it? You knit it straight from the cone, if I remember correctly. In my experience, coned yarn always benefits from a wash to remove the machine oil and plump up. I've never met a coned yarn that didn't benefit from a bath. :) Looking forward to seeing it green!

L J said...

Oh yes... It was incredibly filthy then too. Then it also smelled like a whole herd of dirty sheep had taken up residence in the house when I washed it fresh off the needles. I believe that this was its third trip through the bath/block cycle what with all the camping and campfires it has attended. I'll wear it Friday night! (even if it's too hot)