27 January, 2009

Still here...

So I have been neglecting to post....

Lots and lots of spinning is still going on around here. I took some photos of the grey yarn, or rather what's left of it... I have been knitting it. The yarn turned into a pair of fingerless mitts and most of a hat. Yes, most of a hat, I have been distracted by yet more spinning. . (My mom has claimed the mits) She will get the hat too if it fits her. The hat will be too small for me. I washed and blocked the mitts last night and they are still drying.

I started to spin up some of the Chocolate Fleece so I could have a break from the grey. So far I have spun up ~150 yards 2-ply and ~58yards of single ply of the same Chocolate. Working out a swatch on size 5US 3.75mm with the 2 ply. This one is a bit too loosely plied I think. I did get the weight of yarn I was trying for... It is 11-12 WPI (wraps per inch) which puts it at a heavy DK weight or a Light Worsted weight. Perfect for a sweater I think. Need to work on plying a bit less loosely the next go around.

Yesterday I went through my fiber stash and found some "antique" that I purchased from my favorite LYS a few years ago. Had roughly 4 oz left out of the 6 I had purchased. Spun that up last night and today I finished spinning and Navaho plyed it to preserve the colors (umm that was the plan any how) I don't know how well I did on color preservation but I have ~211 yards of a nice 3 ply that will probably be a bit bulkier than I really prefer, but will turn in to... ?? Don't know yet... We shall see.

Knitting... almost finished with my hubby's felted slippers. One more sole to make and then to attach it and sew up the seams. Need to go shopping for some Camo colored yarn for my eldest grandson, who said that he would like a sock monkey if it could be in camoflage.... Have to see if I can find some in a yarn I can tolerate long enough to knit a monkey out of. :-) Have the yarn for the second eldest's sock monkey already. When is Easter?

Photos in the next post

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