04 January, 2009

Spinning Wheel, spinning round....

... And as a result I now have 208 yards in 2 skeins of 3ply yarn from my Grey Fleece. Approximately 6.5 ounces spun up... leaving roughly 6 pounds and a few ounces to go. ;-) Umm, yeah.... I will be spinning the grey fleece for quite some time. As soon as these skeins are dry, I will measure the WPI (wraps per inch) I am thinking that I have a light to medium worsted weight. Which is what I was working towards. This first little bit of yarn is going to be knit up into fingerless mitts. I want to see how the yarn holds up and decide if I want to spin up a sweaters worth right away or not. (I have a funny feeling that this yarn is going to pill... ) It is a Merino cross. Photos of yarn to come later. Camera battery is dead.

I am thinking that I want to spin up a bit of my chocolate brown fleece next and see what it feels and looks like. It was yummy looking when I bought it all sheepy and dirty, such a wonderful color, and still a yummy color now that it is all clean. And the three drop spindles all have stuff that needs finishing on them as well.

It has been awhile since my spinning wheel has gotten much use, and thanks to three friends that decided to have a "sit and spin" day yesterday, I remembered how much I really do enjoy the spinning. Spent most of this morning spinning as well. I am glad that we have decided to make it a regular event. Now perhaps some of my fleece and roving stash will be turned into yarn stash.

Now to knit for the rest of the day and get this one project finished up. I can do it. There is very, very little left to do. Just have to attach the second sole to the bottom of the last slipper and sew up the final seams on both of the slippers. Then we are having a "felting party" on Wednesday evening. I am hoping to get the pair of socks I am working on close to the toe decreases as well today.

Knit On!

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